We Know Voice Over IP Systems

What is VoIP?


VoIP and voice over ip phone systems have become popular with businesses and consumers. Technology has advanced and it is now easy to streamline business applications over the data network.  VoIP (Voice over IP) allows voice traffic to travel on your data network rather than the phone company's network, saving you money.

Maratona offers a broad portfolio of VoIP providers solutions for your business. As a broker for a number of providers, we have the ability to select the solution that best meets your company’s individual needs. 

Why Companies are Going Virtual

  1. Multi-site integration
  2. Unified Messaging -
    get all of your voicemails and faxes along with your email
  3. Flexible control of how your company's main phone numbers are handled, including for business contingency planning.
  4. Find Me / Follow Me - have your calls follow you on the road. Or put them on a schedule. Each phone number has the ability for fine grained control of how to handle your calls, all under your control from our secure Virtual Office web portal.
  5. Ability to workseamlessly off-site or from home
  6. Full call center package
  7. And many more features, just ask us.  It's a good story.